WKK Automotive and sustainability

Sustainability plays a major role in our company. We want to think, act and plan in an environmentally friendly manner. With sustainability anchored deeply in our corporate mission, we put great importance to the ecological construction of our new building.

Rainwater infiltration system

Next to our building we have a rainwater infiltration system. Dirt particles and pollutants are bound by filters and sedimentation in the storage tank. Due to the qualitative improvement in the water, the overflow can also seep underground if there is a suitable groundwater level, which relieves the sewage system and sewage treatment plants. In addition, the possibility of storing water contributes to flood protection and at the same time helps to selectively increase the formation of new groundwater.

LED lighting

At WKK, we only use sustainable LED lighting. Because LED makes a significant contribution to sustainability and offers one of the highest CO2 savings potential. In addition, LED lighting offers a longer service life and contains no harmful substances and no UV radiation.

Natural electricity

With 262 solar panels on our roof and two storage batteries of 10 kWp each, we produce our own electricity. The electricity generated from renewable sources can be used both for the office building and for recharging the electric and hybrid vehicles.

Motion detector

Ceiling motion detectors are installed in the hallway and in the toilets to encourage economical consumption. The motion detectors contain a sensor that reacts as soon as a person approaches. After a short time, the light switches off again and the lights only come on when they are really needed.

Charging stations for electric cars

With the advance of electromobility, e-charging stations are a matter of course for us. These are also supplied by us via the solar panel and have four connections. This allows our customers and employees to conveniently charge their cars while they are with us.

Special insulation

Not only the use of effective and resource-saving heating systems is important, but also sustainable thermal insulation. In order to avoid unnecessary heat loss in winter, we have opted for extra-thick walls and triple-glazed windows. Both save energy and protect the environment.

Recycling as an integral part

Waste avoidance and an awareness of resource conservation is our top priority. In order to avoid waste in the workplace, for example, we decided against disposable tableware right from the start. Of course, waste cannot be completely avoided – the waste that is generated is separated for recycling.

KfW efficiency house standard

With our ecological construction, the building corresponds to the German “KfW efficiency house” level 55. This means that our building requires only 55% of the primary energy compared to reference buildings of the GEG (the German “buildings’ energy law”). With our lower energy consumption, we can minimize the environmental impact and want to lead as a role model.

Heat pump

Our offices are equipped with underfloor heating, which is operated via 2 heat pumps of 32 kW each. This energy supplier is environmentally friendly and almost inexhaustible. With our investment, we can make a major contribution to reducing the harmful greenhouse gas CO2.